So…what happened in 2008?

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.
Henry Drummond

As Christmas and New Year approach, I look back and realize that although the years may not always be as I have planned or expected them, God’s hand is always there, steadily guiding us. Here is a little glimpse of our lives in 2008.

Some glimpses of 2008
Some glimpses of 2008
  • Moving to Norway, and into a new apartment that God provided for us.
  • Leading a team in Oslo, called the Headquarter team, in charge of the running of the missions base.
  • Travels. I traveled in France and Germany with a concert team and saw people saved and healings on the streets.
  • Summer Team in Italy, where Guro instructed dance, and I led a group of crazy young people for outreach in the south. Here also people were saved and healed on the streets.
  • Holidays. We gladly had  some time of rest in both France and Spain.
  • Teaching. I enjoyed teaching both for YWAM in France, and our Mission Training School in Oslo.
  • Work. Guro has been working part time for a Norwegian company, and will start working 100% for Jesus Revolution again, in a couple of months. I have had an great time working with the Jesus People project.
  • Church. We became members of Jesus Church in Oslo, and have a great “house church” fellowship.

We are looking forward to see more of God in action in 2009!

Saved on the streets of Spain

We are on Holiday; chilling in the south of Spain, close to Malaga. Our friends Jonathan and Mirrku are getting married this Saturday and we have a great testimony to share with you! Last Sunday, we met Andrew, one of our friends from Gibraltar. He told us about a Ukrainian girl that Guro met two years ago during one of our Summer Teams. She had responded to the Gospel, and prayed the salvation prayer. He told us that after that encounter, she had been baptized, that she is now in Madrid, and that she regularly does the same kind of street evangelism that she saw us doing 2 years ago! God is good!

Guro in Spain this Year
Guro in Spain this Year
A street meeting from last years summer team in Spain
A street meeting from last year's summer team in Spain