The Best Books I Read in 2013

Here is a little collection of books that I really enjoyed reading in 2013. If you love to read, try some of these 🙂

  1. The 5 Levels of Leadership by John Maxwell
    5 levels of leadership - John MaxwellThis book is all about getting people to grow as leaders. It helped me to evaluate my current leadership, and find out how to take the next steps to grow to higher levels. A LOT of great content, and now the challenge: to put it into practice!
  2. Axioms by Bill Hybels
    Leadership Axioms by Bill HybelsIn axioms, Bill Hybels writes very short chapters about tested leadership principles that he has either developed or experienced in leading the Willow Creek church and association. Makes a very good daily reading book as the chapters are very short. Highly recommended!
  3. Communicating for a Change by Andy Stanley
    Communicating for a change - Andy StanleyThis might just be the best book on communication that I have ever read. The main point is that a preaching should only have one point! If the preacher himself cannot remember all of his points by heart, how can he expect his audience to remember them? He also writes about creating tension in a message, ordering a message around “crucial connections,” and different ways of engaging an audience. If you will ever preach or give a presentation, read it!
  4. Walking from East to West by Ravi Zacharias
    Walking from East to West - Ravi ZachariasThis book is by one of my modern day heroes: Ravi Zacharias. Ravi defends the Christian faith in some of the world’s leading university and speaks to a broad range of audiences from the United Nations to high ranking Muslim leaders in the Middle East. This book relates his life from his childhood to now, including his conversion on the bed of suicide, and his journey to his current ministry.

That’s it! What are the best books you read in 2013? Write them in the comments!