Photo of the Week: Ywam France

Long time no write! I am in Le Gault La ForĂȘt the whole week to teach in the DTS about evangelism. As always it is a blessing to be in the region where I grew up, and in the place where Mum and Dad have invested so much of their lives. I am excited to see what God has in store for this week. After this the student will go down to Marseille to have an outreach with Jean Pillonel’s church in L’Estaque… 🙂

The base in Gault la ForĂȘt
The base in Gault la ForĂȘt

P.S: the photo on top is the view from my room on a misty morning!

17th of May – Norwegian Constitution Day

This week on Sunday we will celebrate the Norwegian Constitution Day. This is a highlight of the year for all Norwegians, as they invade the streets of their cities with flags, traditional norwegian costumes, hot-dogs and ice-cream. In Oslo, all the primary schools parade in front of the King’s Castle, while the royal family stands and waves at the crowd.