Why so many more women than men in global missions?

A new season is starting at Jesus Revolution’s base in Oslo. Tomorrow our new missionaries are coming from all over Europe. Three of my heroes, Vidar, Kristine and Guro will lead the mission training school.

An interesting question is raised up every year when I see that there are many more young women than boys coming. This is reflected in every other mission’s organization that I know.

Guro, Vidar and Kristine
Guro, Vidar and Kristine

Here are some of my questions on the subject (*updated from the comments):

  • Girls are more sensitive to God’s calling?
  • The evangelism methods used by our organizations tend to be artistic in a way that appeals more to young women than young men?
  • This is simply a reflection of a more general trend in the church today where women are much more involved than men?
  • Young men love Mama’s cooking too much?
  • A lack of masculine examples?
  • Queen Victoria’s influence over the church of England and methodism in the 19th century.(*updated from Joshua’s comment)
  • The increasing depreciation of men in society which has come into the church (*updated from Magnus’ comment)

Meet Our Team For 2008

This year we have the joy of leading what is called “headquarter team”. This team deals with all kinds of practical matters at the base in Oslo. Here are the different people that are part of it:


Vidar, Iceland,

Has been a part of Jesus Revolution for 6 years. He has been working as a sound and light technician with one of our musicals, and leading a mobile team and a base team in different parts of Europe.


Thorsten, Germany

Has been a part of Jesus Revolution for 6 years. He has been working as a sound technician in concert teams, and is the “internet, network and fileserver man” at the base, people are constantly in the office asking for Thorsten, he’s the man!


Espen Frøyshov, Norway

Espen has been a part of Jesus Revolution for 6 years. He has been working with media, touring with a musical, and is now responsible for the partners department at the base, as well as other areas. He has a Master of Science in Engineering cybernetics;

Karoline and Kristine

Karoline Humlestøl and Kristine Tolås, Norway

Karoline has been part of Jesus Revolution for 3 years, she has been singing with 2 of our concert teams and is now assisting Kristine for the “food department” at the base, which with so many people living at the base, is no minor job, believe me.

Kristine has been a part of Jesus Revolution for 5 years. She has been touring as a dancer with our concert teams, and assisting the “schools manager” with many different tasks. She is now sick and has to relax until at least easter, so you can pray for her!