Sharing Jesus in a mosque

Well I will make the long story short, but I have this friend in Oslo that invited me to pizza on the day when the celebrate Abraham. He was going to pray at the mosque and invited me to join him just to visit, and it turned out that I had a really good time there! I was able to speak to the Imam and ask some question, and then a young guy asked me what I thought about being there, so we got to speak some more, which was very cool! Loved it!

For those interested, here is a link to an article about the celebration that have on wikipedia.

Here is a website that you can give to any muslim friend that you have spoken about Jesus to, it is about former Muslims that have had dreams and visions about Jesus and became Christian.

Norway here we come

Well it has finally been decided! From January onwards, we will be staying in Norway to work with Jesus Revolution. We will still visit France regularly and travel there with the concert teams, but we were only going to be two people going back to the French base, so we decided that it would be wiser to work from here. Feels a bit strange, to move from a place you have been living 5 years, and we will miss the people, the weather and the food :-). But we will make it up with norwegian brown cheese (hmmm) and weather (skiing) and fish for breakfast :-)… Just kidding, Norway is a great place to live, and we know quite some people here, so it will be a pleasure to move! Here is some Norwegian humour that I like :-).