So… What Happened in 2013?

  • Travels: I traveled to Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, France and Germany.
  • Studies: Both Guro and I started on a bachelor in leadership and theology.
  • Holidays: We had a great family reunion in France in August.
  • Family: Nathan enjoyed the 1st year of his life, Leanah turned 3.
  • Jesus Revolution: I am starting on my 12th year in Jesus Revolution, and serving as International Director for the 3rd.
  • New Job: Guro started to work part time for “Jesus Women,” a women’s ministry started by Anne Christiansen.
  • Other highlights: We took a gang of 70 young people during the Summer to Czech Republic and saw God in action by His presence on the streets.

That’s just a few of the highlights, and there’s much more to come for 2014! But more about that later!
Have a blessed New Year Celebration!


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