Relaunch and change of name


Hello Friends, just a short post to say that we are relaunching this website, which hopefully will give you the possibility to follow better what is happening here in Norway and in our lives in general. We have also changed the name from “Jesus To Europe” to “Only One Life,” (from my favorite quote: “Only one life twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last”) this is because our mission is now not to Europe anymore, but to the whole world, and we wanted the name to be a bit more including for non-believers too. But the content will stay pretty much the same.

I do not promise anything, but we will try to post a photo per week, and update regularly with quotes (the new quote section is one of my favorites on this site). Guro will also be writing a bit more.

Hope you like the new site…

Be blessed!
Paul and Guro


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