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Week in France


Wow! I came back just a few days ago from an intense week in France. First I traveled to Lyon for PEFY (pentecostal european forum for youth) where we had some good conversations with youth leaders from all over Europe about the Jesus Revolution Groups project. It was great to meet other people that have a vision for youth!

After that I went down to Marseille for some cosy time with the family! It was the opportunity to see Esther, Reinald and new-born Joanna, and as a bonus Chris and Mum were there!

After my time in Marseille, I went back up to Lyon, where I was invited by Elam, a cross-church evangelistic group in Lyon to preach at their retreat week-end (photo above). Interestingly enough, the leaders of the group, the Pomier family, were part of the Ywam base that Mum and Dad were a part of 25 years ago! Philippe, the father, had some good anecdotes about Dad. He said that Dad was the first one to get him to preach (in a gipsy church in Troyes). He also said that he was impressed at how Dad never got angry (specially with a difficult girl that he personally would have “killed”).

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, and felt like I received so much after I had given the little that I have. God is good! Here are some photos from the trip:

Joanna, my niece born a few weeks ago
Keziah, another of my nieces
Yet another beautiful niece!
Chris, my brother

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