Photo of the Week: Ywam France


Long time no write! I am in Le Gault La ForĂȘt the whole week to teach in the DTS about evangelism. As always it is a blessing to be in the region where I grew up, and in the place where Mum and Dad have invested so much of their lives. I am excited to see what God has in store for this week. After this the student will go down to Marseille to have an outreach with Jean Pillonel’s church in L’Estaque… 🙂

The base in Gault la ForĂȘt
The base in Gault la ForĂȘt

P.S: the photo on top is the view from my room on a misty morning!


7 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Ywam France”

  1. Like father, like son!
    I can just imagine you teaching in the salle de louange as your father used to. It was a real priviledge to have sat “at his feet”, and I know you will continue to follow in his line.
    Are you and Guru still working in Norway?
    May the Lord bless you both richly

    1. Hello Rachel! Yeah, the teaching is still in the salle de louange. It’s fun, because I have met other people that have been at the school he led (for example Gilbert the gardener is back here).
      We are still working in Norway yes, and enjoying it very much 🙂

      Be blessed!

    1. Hey Mum! Thx…it was great to teach in church also…and had a good time both at Hank and Joy, and Denis and Mado’s place. I also went to see our house, and it had changed pretty much!

    1. Hey! Yeah they sit in sofas for the teaching which can be dangerous 🙂 For the sacrifice, no I think they understood the point…hehe

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