You know you’re getting Norwegian when…

  • -4°C is not so cold anymore.
  • You see children cross country skiing to school.
  • You look forward to the 17th of May.
  • You know what the Jante law is.
  • Your backyard looks like this:
  • You can pronounce the Norwegian “y”.
  • You are interesting in Women’s Handball.
  • However, the ultimate Norwegian test is your relationship to Brown Cheese. I still fail at that one.

6 thoughts on “You know you’re getting Norwegian when…”

  1. If you are still going out when it is -10°C or raining (at least it is not french). Maybe like to eat iscream with chips in it? Like to eat løveposdeig for breakfast or fish? (that is a bit extreme maybe for foreigners). Start to REJOICE when you know that you will eat grøt on saturday? Start to like salt lakris?

  2. Some more =
    – when you are not anymore chocked to see babies sleeping in their “vogn” outside during the winter.
    – when you need to have the window of your room open during the night

  3. I’m a bit intrigued by the brunost picture on this post. The newspaper underneath appears to be in Danish. Could it be a Dane eating brunost or a Norwegian reading a Danish newspaper? Something’s wrong here…

  4. More like a norwegian reading a danish newspaper… 🙂 I see you have time to waste looking at microscopic writings…hehe

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