Teaching for YWAM in France


This week I have been in France, teaching evangelism in a YWAM discipleship training school, very close to my hometown. This is quite funny, considering that my father used to teach in the discipleship and bible schools happening here 20 years ago.

The teaching went really well, the students were great and eager to learn. They will be able to put into practice straight away what they have learnt, since they are going on a one week outreach in Bordeaux.

The students and staff
The students and staff
The YWAM base at Le Gault la Forêt
The YWAM base at "Le Gault la Forêt"

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6 thoughts on “Teaching for YWAM in France”

  1. Hi,

    I am currently trying to get in contact with this base and can’t seem to find the required info to do so. Do you know if its possible to staff the DTS at “Le Gault la Forêt?”

    Write Bacv

  2. Please send me information about this school as well!! I am interested in the program and would like to know more, but don’t know who to email…Thanks!

  3. I am trying to contact the base as well and havent been able. I looked trough the webpage but Im not sure they been able to receive my email.

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