What would happen if? The Jesus People concept


What would happen if youth groups around the world started uniting, and going out into the streets to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ? What if, through the means of social networking and internet, they would share ideas, testimonies, building each other up, pushing each other to go forward with the Gospel. What if tools were put into their hands, enabling them to communicate spiritual truths in a relevant way to their generation ? What if they would learn how to disciple, and include new believers in the church?

There is much more to it, but these are some of the thoughts behind the Jesus People project that we have been working with in Oslo, producing teaching manuals, a website, teaching DVDs’ and a book, to equip the youth to reach out. Whereas in the past, we have concentrated on training people in bases, our focus is now: “how can we start, and sustain these evangelistic groups around the world?” The official start should be sometime in 2009.

Here is a little video of the group in Oslo:

Do you have any thoughts or ideas that could help us? Are there things we should do, or not do?


One thought on “What would happen if? The Jesus People concept”

  1. There is so much to be said and done to mobilise the youth generation for Jesus…
    I know that there are artistic, practical, financial and relational challenges, but I suppose my biggest concerns are theological.
    I’m worried about zealous young people that preach a gospel that isn’t centred on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. I’m hearing more and more hip, cool treandy preachers talk about social activism, morals, self-esteem, etc but not about Jesus’ death for our sins. This troubles me.

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