22 thoughts on “Brown Cheese Rap”

  1. [..YouTube..] Hey, this video is amazing!!!
    Though I really like brown cheese and I’m italian!^^
    I have a trick on how to like Brown cheese: When you eat don’t think is cheese, then it will taste better than you think!

  2. what’s freakin nuts is that their brown goats cheese is one of scandinavia’s better cheeses! other types of Nordic cheeses have been used in some of the recent gore movies like “Hostel” and “Hills have Eyes”. Nightmares dude.

  3. I am norwegian, but I have to say, I dont like the brown cheese, haha. But anyway, I come by this page when I was searching for norwegian candy online, cause I am in the USA and I miss all the candy there so much

    1. Hey BeA! Thx for your comment…I found out that there is a small group of norwegians that don’t like b cheese yeah 🙂 But the candy is good, definitely, specially when it’s on offer!
      Be blessed in the states!

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